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Welcome to the company Wagon Slovakia Košice a. s.

Welcome to the website of our company. The company WAGON Slovakia Kosice, a.s. established in 1995. Its founder was Ing. Ľudomír Cap. The basic mission of our company is to provide quality services at a professional level in the field of restaurant meals in the restaurant car, services mobilbarov accommodation couchette and sleeping cars and car carriage services in railway wagons of special construction. In its work, we apply a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP system. About your satisfaction cares more than 250 workers who daily provide services in a trainset in Slovakia and in selected lines in the Czech Republic. The company is a member of international organizations: FTE (Forum Trade Europe) and IRCG (International Rail Catering Group).

Our company offers quality service in the field. Take advantage of our services. Our professional staff is always at your disposal. Our advantage is the constant improvement of our services.

We have our priorities

Our priority is your satisfaction. The advantage of our company is professionalism and years of experience in the market. Over the past nearly 20 years we have laid the foundation reputable services in:
• restaurant cars
• Sleeping cars
• Car carriage train
• mobilbars
• special transport according to customer

If you have any questions please contact us.

You have the whole day service hotline at tel. no. +421903320325.

Your suggestions can be sent electronically: gr@wgske.sk