Take a rest from night driving the car and use the option to take away your car or a motorcycle by the same train in what you are traveling.

Your fully loaded car you have loaded on to car carriage, and you and your family can travel comfortably lying down, take relax. To your destination you arrive rested and ready for new experiences.

Popularity of car carriage services is growing, so do not forget to reserve a place in sufficient time by.

Passengers are required to follow the instructions of the sleeper cars steward and operator of loading dock.

Passengers can take advantage of car carriage services on the following routes:
– Night connection Košice – Prague and back in R 442/443 BOHEMIA
– Night connection Poprad – Prague and back in EN 444/445 SLOVAKIA
– Night connection Humenné – Bratislava and back on R 614/615 ZEMPLÍN
– Night connection Humenné – Prague and back in R 442/443 BOHEMIA (only on selected days)
– Daily connections Košice – Prague and back in Košičan EC 242/243 (only on selected days)

The price of carriage does not include car insurance, company Wagon Slovakia Košice as, nor Railway Company Slovakia (ZSSK) does not provide this service.
During transport not access the car. By signing the order to transport car carriage, the client confirms the correctness and accuracy of such data.

When detecting false information the vehicle may be excluded from carriage or may not file a claim. The motor vehicle must be accompanied by an adult with a driver’s license, have the license number and insurance card.

The maximum amount of transported cars can be up to 200 cm. When transporting the motorcycle, the client itself ensure straps, loading and securing the motorcycle.

Travel documents for the car cariiages can be purchased at cash desks of passenger ZSSK with KVC system (complete clearance of passengers

Maps of each of the loading area:

Humenné - GPS N 48,9295 E 21,8983

Košice - GPS N 48,7295 E 21,2644

Poprad - GPS N 49,0600 E 20,2908

Bratislava - GPS N 48,1600 E 17,1040

Praha - GPS N 50,0845 E 14,4404