Accommodation in Night Train

Convenient and secure way of accommodation in long-distance trains ZSSK, can be used for all your nocturnal travels.

If you are thinking of overnight travel by train, we recommend our services couchette, respectively. sleeping cars. Their advantage is that you sleep in a comfortable train and arrive to your destination rested and within a reasonable time. This type of transport can be used in your personal or even business trips.

Steward in every accommodation wagon will take care of your comfort. Our stewards are prepared to give you a helping hand and assist you in input respectively. exit from the wagon. During the journey, you can buy some snacks or drinks directly from our staff.

If necessary, you can call the steward using a signaling button, which is located near the main light switch in your coupe. Steward will wake you up 30 minutes before the actual arrival of the train to your destination station.

Prior to arrival at destination, we recommend checking your personal belongings, as well as the completeness of the travel documents.

We note that all trains in Slovakia are non-smoking.

Our company uses two types of accommodation wagons with a different standard of service.

Couchette car (Sleepers)

Sleeper (Sleeping Car)

Travel documents can be purchased from the personal coffers of ZSSK equipped KVC (complex equipment passengers) through the website or before departure directly to the steward and socket or sleeping carriages.

Satisfaction and safety of our passengers is our priority. To ensure safety, the couchette and sleeping cars placed first, resp. at the end of the trainset it is secured neprechodnosť bed and sleeping carriages. For the protection of passengers is determined safe closure and socket coupe. service steward and his alertness during service. Give your full attention to personal belongings and store them in a safe place!

Night trains offer our accommodation services run on the following routes:
Humenné – Košice – Žilina – Bratislava
Prešov – Košice – Zvolen – Bratislava
Humenné – Košice – Žilina – Ostrava – Prague – (Cheb)

If you were satisfied with something or unsatisfied, exercised his right and tell us the Suggestions and wishes, which is located in each sleeping and sleeping carriages with the steward on duty. If you encounter during his journey to deficiencies in accommodation services, a complaint directly with the steward.

Their insights and opinions with the services you can express through evaluation forms, respectively. by sending an