Depending on your requirements, we will organize a party, meeting or conference in specially adapted societal wagon of ZSSK.

Special transport does not offer merely the actual carriage, but its main aim is to deliver a unique experience for clients in different forms. In such a mode of transportation is efficient travel time. In the following lines we will show how untraditional and interesting form can have your way. Imagination has no limits.

“Special transport makes traveling by train more attractive. Indeed, corporate event, conference, party or disco “on wheels” is unusual and certainly lucrative … “

Special Transportation is based on three options:
• Setting trainset according to your own ideas,
• Connection car of your choice on the regular train,
• Bringing your chosen wagon at any railway station;

We are ready to arrange special transport home and abroad for passengers according to their wishes and for special events such as trips to exhibitions, fairs for professionals, or road for sport or culture. Within exceptional loads provide catering, service staff, decorate a wagon, a DJ, hostesses, barman show, concert performances, sightseeing tours and other more services.

In our special transports we utilize becoming increasingly popular societal wagon of the Railway Company Slovakia, as (ZSSK). It is a large area, soundproof, air-conditioned wagon, equipped with the latest technology that adapts to every situation. Its arrangement can be used to organize presentations rides, banquets, conferences, concerts, company parties, discos or even non-traditional celebration or a wedding.

The wagon is equipped with:
• Plasma-screen TV,
• The projector,
• Projection screen,
• Bar counter,
• DJ consoles (apparatus, microphone, mixer)
• Light effect;

Wagon capacity is 12 to 50 people by arrangement.

In implementing the special transports we cooperate with a company with a national carrier Railway Company Slovakia, as (ZSSK), and we know the special transport provide other coaches (eg .: beds, restaurant, etc.).

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